Welcome to Mt. Angel

Welcome to Mt. Angel, Oregon. This little town, founded in the late 1800s by German settlers, has an Old World flavor which is heightened by the many Bavarian style storefronts and the beautiful Benedictine Abbey. Mt. Angel celebrates its German heritage each year during the Oktoberfest, one of Oregon's largest festivals. More than 300,000 people attend the four-day event, which has been held in Mt. Angel for more than 40 years.

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Junior First Citizen
1985 Sandy Fessler
1986 Ruth Piatz
1987 Frances Wittman
1988 Dana Twede
1989 Alicia Teem
1990 Tricia Kloft
1991 Ernie Bork
1992 Teya Valdez
1993 Danielle Wiesner
1994 Jennifer Berning
1995 Jenny Kraemer
1996 Jennifer Zollner
1997 Stephanie Gerig
1998 Amy Schmidt
1999 Mike Gerig
2000 Andi Wavra
2001 Russell Buhr
2002 Alison Berning
2003 Allison Schiedler
2004 Joseph Cartwright
2005 Kelly Kuppenbender
2006 Jessica Bochsler
2007 Hillary Boost
2008 Stephanie Jones
2009 Alex Morrisey
2010 Angel Cardenas
2011 Kaylee Aman
2012 Sadie Manley
2013 Emily Schmidt & Black Traeger