Welcome to Mt. Angel

Welcome to Mt. Angel, Oregon. This little town, founded in the late 1800s by German settlers, has an Old World flavor which is heightened by the many Bavarian style storefronts and the beautiful Benedictine Abbey. Mt. Angel celebrates its German heritage each year during the Oktoberfest, one of Oregon's largest festivals. More than 300,000 people attend the four-day event, which has been held in Mt. Angel for more than 40 years.

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Special Recognition
1987 Pam Barrilleaux, Distinguished Service
1988 Jack Brown, Fasching Festival
1990 Dave Jordan
1992 Mt. Angel Telephone - Oldest Continuously Operating Business
1996 Jim Schaecher & Randy Traeger
1997 Don & Judy West, Friends of the Chamber
         Fr. Emmanuel Clark OSB - Posthumous Distinguished Citizen
1998 Dr. & Mrs. Virgil Peters, Years of Service
         Bernie Wachter & Fireworks Crew, Fireworks -  Bill Kuchan
         Reagan & Penny Matsler - Mt. Angel Beverage, Fountain
         Highland Labs Ken & Candy Scott, Flowers
1999 Sister Adele Mansfield, OSB
         Lifetime Humanitarian, Pat Love, Helping Hands
2000 Bob Morris, Advocate for Youth
         Highland Labs, Creative Marketing,
         Mt. Angel Florist - Carla Bolme - Storefront Attractiveness
2001 Staab Horticultural, Friends of the Chamber
         Nann Fleck, Marilyn Hall, Teresa Bryant, Bev Fleckenstein, Carol Ruef, Char Wavra
         Service to Youth Webentanzers
2002 Joe Schmidt, Behind the Scenes
2003 Mt. Angel Community/Senior Center - Community Humanitarian
         Ashley Buchheit, Doug Bielemeier, Renee Lucas, Allison Schiedler, Amy Predeek
         Helping Hands - Flower Power
2004 Dr. Virgil Peters, Humanitarian of the Year
   Stephen & Connie Miller, Helping Hands
2005 Sister Terry Hall, OSB, Humanitarian of the Year
   Jeanne Pugh, Helping Hands,Mt. Angel Lions Club, Special Service Award
2006 Glockenspiel Volunteers, Helping Hands
         Bochsler Hardware, Lifetime Achievement
2007 Keith & Pepper Teem, Community Achievement
         Mayor Tom Bauman, Lifetime Achievement
2008 Greg Traeger, Jeff Seiler, Lance Arritola, Ron Schmidt, Service to Youth Award
2009 Mt. Angel Volunteer Firefighters, 
         Volunteer Organization of the Year
         Irene Willig, Humanitarian of the Year
2010 Teresa Bryant, Bev Fleckenstein, Marilyn Hall,
         Helping Hands Award
2011 Don Wada, Volunteer of the Year
2012 Verna Scharback, Volunteer of the Year
         Rick Schiedler, Margaret M. Hoffer Mayor’s Award
         Orville Roth, Lifetime Achievement
         Randy Traeger, Virtue First, Service to Youth
2013 Thelma Bourbonnais, Volunteer of the Year